Beacon Infant and Nursery School

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Miss Katie Bartlett

Foundation 1

Morning and Afternoon


Mrs Carole Newbery

Foundation 2

Class 1 (Green Grasshoppers)

Miss Steph Kelly,

Foundation 2

Class 2 (Blue Whales)

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Miss Anna Rowe

Year 1

Class 4 (Blue Butterflies)

Mrs Debs Price

Year 1

Class 5 (Yellow Busy Bees)

Mrs Camilla Carter

Year 2

Class 3 (Red Ladybirds)

Mrs Katherine Davies

Year 2

Class 6 (Green Geckos)

Miss Kate Jeffery

Literacy Coordinator/Learning Intervention

Mrs Caroline Day

Year 2

Class 6 (Green Geckos)

Wednesday's Only

Steph Kelly Becky Carter