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Lanhydrock Schools Partnership (LSP) Cooporative Trust

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The LSP Trust is a group of 4 schools which have formally agreed to work closely together to help each other steadily and securely improve their educational provision.


As a Cooperative Trust, our work is based around key principles of mutual respect, support and encouragement.  


The 4 schools are:


Berrycoombe Primary School (Bodmin)

Nanstallon Primary School

St Wenn Primary School

and ourselves The Beacon Infant and Nursery School



The LSP Trust was established in May 2013.   We have been very active since then with regular school improvement activities, such as Headteacher meetings, sharing professional expertise between teachers and providing shared training.


Our pupils have enjoyed joint dance productions, when they have performed a shared piece at the Hall for Cornwall.  Nanstallon hosted Y1 sports, Berrycoombe has hosted LSP Trust School Council days.   We look forward to many more shared events.  These are wonderful opportunities for our children to make new friends from other schools.


To visit the LSP Trust Website please click here