Beacon Infant and Nursery School

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Celebration Assemblies

We want to really celebrate and say “Well done” to our children who work so hard to achieve in many different ways.


Every Friday morning we have a whole school Celebration Assembly.  Each teacher awards certificates for writing, presentation, mathematics and kindness medals.  The Headteacher presents “Headteacher awards” for great learners.


We encourage excellent school attendance, because good attendance means that children can do even better in school.  We give awards each week for the class with the best attendance. We also give termly and half-termly awards to children with attendance of 95% and above. We often invite a special visitor into our Celebration Assembly to present these awards.  In February Mr Dan Burbridge, Education Welfare Officer, had this honour!


IMG_5144 IMG_5161 Autumn Term 2015/16 Weekly Class Attendance