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To: All Parents/Guardians


Good attendance is really important if your child is going to get the most out of the fantastic opportunities we provide.  Consequently we expect your child to attend school every day.


As part of our school policy we monitor all pupils school attendance on a regular basis, and every absence from school is recorded.


We ask all parents to notify the school’s Attendance Officer Mrs Bull, with reasons for your child’s absence as early as possible on the first day of absence by 10.00am  If your child attends Foundation 1 Morning Session we will expect a phone call by 9.00 am or if your child attends Foundation 1 Afternoon Session by 1.00 pm.


The School Attendance Officer will follow up all absences and late arrivals with the parents/guardians of the child.  


If, on the first day (session) of absence there has been no communication from parents/guardians stating the reason for this absence the School Attendance Officer will make contact. The first named contact on the child’s records will be contacted in the first instance but if no response is obtained, further named contacts will be contacted.


Medical Appointments



We ask all Parents/Guardians to make routine medical / dental appointments outside school hours.



Reasons for Absence 


The school does not consider the following to be acceptable reasons :



a)   Parents / carers keeping children off school unnecessarily,

b)   absences which have never been properly explained,

c)   shopping, looking after other children or birthdays,

d)   day trips and family outings,

e)   holidays in term time which have not been agreed, or,

f)    any other reason which the Headteacher will not agree.


Whilst any child may be off school because they are ill, sometimes they can be reluctant to attend school. Any problems with regular attendance are best sorted out between the school, the parents and the child.  If a parent thinks their child is reluctant to attend school then we will work with that family to understand the root of the problem. We can use specialist support or outside agencies to help with this, such as our School Parent Support Adviser (PSA), Education Welfare Officer (EWO), the School Nurse and Family Support Workers.


We like to celebrate good attendance at the end of each ½ term and full term with special award certificates for children with very good attendance.



Please contact Mrs Bull our School’s Attendance Officer if you would like to discuss anything further.


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Thank you.


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